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Every day, when you walk into your office the data you need will be there on your desktop. We have been ensuring this for over 16 years now. Organizations like yours have been availing of our services so that you can focus on what it matters the most- your core business!

If your process lends itself to be divided into smaller tasks that can be done remotely, then its time you consider getting it done through an experienced and dependable partner whom you can count on for a long haul. The advantages are many: Next day availability of compiled data is one of them, and freeing up your time from noncore activities is the greatest.

Clinical Documentation Services.

What started in 2002 as a medical transcription service has now matured into a full-fledged Revenue cycle management unit. We sort of grew with industry by filling up the gaps in the ever-evolving field of the digitized clinical documentation services, now offering the entire gamut of services from pre-authorization to AR follow ups.

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Zero error is the minimum expectation in this specialized field. Our dedicated teams have been serving prestigious hospitals in US and UK for over 16 years now.

Single minded focus on healthcare documentation service since 2002.

Assured next day morning delivery. Nothing like having your data on your desk the very next day.

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