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Every day, when you walk into your office the data you need will be there on your desktop. We have been ensuring this for over 16 years now. Organizations like yours have been availing of our services so that you can focus on what it matters the most- your core business!

If your process lends itself to be divided into smaller tasks that can be done remotely, then its time you consider getting it done through an experienced and dependable partner whom you can count on for a long haul.

The advantages are many: Next day availability of compiled data is one of them, and freeing up your time from noncore activities is the greatest.

Data Capture and Digitizing Services

With skills acquired over a period of 16 years, we can capture data from virtually any source- be hand written, printed, structured or unstructured. Deploying both manual and automated processes, one of our team alone handles around 1,110,000 images a month. A team of over 200 experienced FTE’s per shift provide the service to several organizations across the globe. With an abundant talent pool, you can avail of the flexibility of a scalable-on-demand team so that you can be sure of the next morning delivery even during your peak season, when the volume of work increases.

Our continued focus on process improvement has helped several clients and has turned what was just another assignment into long term relationship, with some of them for over 14 years.

Data Capture and Digitizing Services

Assured next day morning Delivery.

Connect with your core business. 16 years of exclusive focus on data capture services.

It is a cost effective and dependable large scale data capture service that would take care of all your requirements in data management from collection, scanning and data capture.

Assured next day morning delivery. Nothing like having your data on your desk the very next day.

A partial list of Industries that we serve:
  • - Healthcare
  • - Insurance
  • - Logistics & warehousing
  • - Sales and Marketing campaigns
  • - Digitization of PO s, invoices and bills etc..
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