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Every day, when you walk into your office the data you need will be there on your desktop. We have been ensuring this for over 16 years now. Organizations like yours have been availing of our services so that you can focus on what it matters the most- your core business!

If your process lends itself to be divided into smaller tasks that can be done remotely, then its time you consider getting it done through an experienced and dependable partner whom you can count on for a long haul. The advantages are many: Next day availability of compiled data is one of them, and freeing up your time from noncore activities is the greatest.

Financial Accounting and Remote Book Keeping.

We know that keeping your accounts in perfect order is by no means a lesser task; but it should not be at the cost of your core business!

Your focus on your core business should not get diluted in the process of keeping your financial accounts perfect. While you devote your time and energy to growing your business, you can have your accounts managed and maintained by professionals and have the financial status of your company at your at your desk every morning.

You just need make available the images of your transactions, whether it is bills, invoice, AP, AR, or payroll. We will do the rest.

Financial Accounting Audit
Financial Accounting Audit

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Toll Audit

Toll Audit.

Managing and keeping track of the functional efficiency at a toll plaza is not an easy task; especially that of a busy toll plaza. We study the daily activities at the toll plaza and compare them against the SOPs and report the deviations.

Professional auditors with abundant domain knowledge scrutinize the data from your booths to identify potential instances of revenue loss and suspected pilferage and recommends corrective actions.

As the adage goes, a stitch in time saves nine… Plug that revenue loss the moment you notice it… our audit reports will pin point the revenue loss so that you can initiate your corrective action immediately.

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